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 Events Summer/Autumn 2017

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Sunday August 20th 2017

Singing the Bones
 a 1 day workshop exploring the voice through sound, song, poetry and heartfull connection..


Saturday September 23rd

Naked Word
 A day of immersing into poetry as a path of awakening. Liberating your own wisdom words through writing from the heart, and finding the medicine of poetry when the alchemy of langauge is taken into the body and heart.

For full details email:




Dates for 2017 circles (closed groups)

Wildweavers (Saturdays) 2017

October 7th

November 11th

Pathwalkers  (Sundays) 2017

October 8th

November 26th


Advance dates for 2018 Events & Retreats


January:  Brigid's Fire

January 2018  (25th - 28th) - a 3 night retreat to support your entering into the New Year.


March:  Spring Forward

March - a 5 night retreat to awaken your energy from winter and focus your intent and prayers for the year.


Call of Cerridwen part 2

Call of Cerridwen part 2 - The return Journey (open only to those who have taken Call of Cerridwen previously)


9th - 12th April 2018 - Call yourself Alive..?


19th - 24th October 2018 - Going Home...


November 2018 - The Deep Retreat

The Deep Retreat 1st - 9th November 2018 (only open to those who have attended a retreat with Jules before)

For more details about the 2018 programme email:


Wild Woman Wise Woman

Current Programme for 2017


The Call of Cerridwen  
A ceremonial program through the turning year for awakening women.

A journey of self-discovery, exploration and remembering.

Meeting for 4 weekends on or near the Celtic Fire festivals, as well as connecting in between with 3 virtual circles (by phone or video link), the circle and program will provide a cauldron for remembering, revelation and self-realisation. Through voice, movement, poetry, ceremony and creative enquiry Jules will facilitate, support and guide your journey for you to discover your 'Voice of Majesty' and liberate your Wise Woman within. This pathway will be an awakening adventure to wholeness through the sacred feminine and the wisdom of your soul.    


                DATES FOR 2017

Imbolc    3-5 February ( 2 night residential at the Ceridwen centre nr Carmarthen)

Beltane   5-7 May (non residential near Cardigan starting Friday evening)

Lammas 4-6 August (non residential near Cardigan starting Friday evening)

Samhain 27-30 October ( 3 night residential at the Ceridwen centre)


Please contact Jules for more information and costs. Early bird registration required by 16th November)


  Retreats  for Women.... 2017

Each retreat forms a supportive vehicle for discovery and exploration and to remember, realise, release your empowered wise and intuitive self. Supported by the seasonal changes each retreat invites you into your differing spirals of being. Each residential retreat includes a time of timelessness and non verbal space called a mysterium. The number of days spent in this depends on the retreat. 


Summer Retreat - Expanding - 27th to 31st July 2017

A 5 day retreat for soul full women to discover, reveal and explore their own creativity and wisdom through spacious times, silence, meditation, deep listening, connection, poetry and enquiry. Included in this retreat will be a 2 night mysterium of non verbal space and timelessness. Further details on application

Deep Retreat - The Inward Spiral - 19-25 October 2017

   Further details on application. Note this retreat has a requirement of attendance of a previous weekend or program with Jules.



Wild Women Wise Women - explanations of workshops

Singing the Bones - A weekend retreat and a transformative journey into the exploration and liberation of your voice. Discover your soul filled sound and wisdom, experience the freedom of your wild singing voice and heart, and release the voices you 'keep outside the door'. Reclaim your wholeness through exploration of your voice.

Singing the Wild Heart - you will discover in these sessions (within a small group environment of 4-8 depending on venue), through simple instruction and experiential learning how sound and your voice can support you through resonant interaction with your chakras and energy field.  Combining forms and ancient vocal maps with free improvised exploration you will get the chance to hear your own sound wisdom and creative 'soul songs', as well as find how silence and stillness can be accessed through sound and the voice.

A Sanctuary of Sacred Sound - afternoons or evenings of sacred sound (mainly Gongs) and voice. Exploring the stillness that follows chanting and spiritual practice through sound, the liberation and healing of our voices together and the sound wisdom of inner journeys supported by sacred sound from Gongs, Tibetan Bowls and more&


All of these dates may be subject to change and it is vital you book.

Please phone Jules on 01239 841787 or


Please note Concessions often available

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