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Over the years I have seen Jules helping a great many people to make more of their lives. She has spent a small fortune developing her innumerable skills, and she also works long hours, often dedicating her time to folks beyond anything she has actually been paid for.
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Events Summer/Autumn 2018

19th - 24th October 2018 - Going Home...

November 2018 - The Deep Retreat

The Deep Retreat 1st - 9th November 2018 (only open to those who have attended a retreat with Jules before)

For more details about the 2018 programme email:

Wild Women Wise Women - explanations of workshops

Singing the Bones - A weekend retreat and a transformative journey into the exploration and liberation of your voice. Discover your soul filled sound and wisdom, experience the freedom of your wild singing voice and heart, and release the voices you 'keep outside the door'. Reclaim your wholeness through exploration of your voice.

Singing the Wild Heart - you will discover in these sessions (within a small group environment of 4-8 depending on venue), through simple instruction and experiential learning how sound and your voice can support you through resonant interaction with your chakras and energy field. Combining forms and ancient vocal maps with free improvised exploration you will get the chance to hear your own sound wisdom and creative 'soul songs', as well as find how silence and stillness can be accessed through sound and the voice.

A Sanctuary of Sacred Sound - afternoons or evenings of sacred sound (mainly Gongs) and voice. Exploring the stillness that follows chanting and spiritual practice through sound, the liberation and healing of our voices together and the sound wisdom of inner journeys supported by sacred sound from Gongs, Tibetan Bowls and more&

All of these dates may be subject to change and it is vital you book.

Please phone Jules on 01239 841787 or


Please note Concessions often available

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