Poetry as long been associated with conveying spiritual insights and revelations, a means to inspire and inform beyond the rational and linear.

There is the Bard within the Celtic traditions, carrying poetry as a teaching and a medicine. In Sufism (Rumi being one of the most well known Sufi poets), the community would stay up all night to dance and recite poems inducing states of communion with the sacred. There are poems within the Buddhist and Zen traditions, and in the western Christian religions it is poetry that is often turned to at sacred ceremonies such as weddings and funerals, to communicate that which is often felt to be an experience beyond words.

There are many other examples of religious or spiritual paths that use poetry as a path of awakening or revelation, and of invocation to the divine.
However, Poetry can also be a way of releasing and articulating the inner realms of emotion, and the difficulties of being human that we feel we cannot convey through our everyday language.

The structures of poetry, such as its use of rhythm, symbolism, metaphors and imagery all support access to the right side of the brain: the creative, wholistic imaginary and mythic capabilities we all hold, yet so often neglect. And the use of poetry and poetic language can inspire us to also speak and write in ways that provide a powerful path of connection and intimacy with others, as well as to ourselves, conveying and communicating what would seem unsayable without this pathway of poetic words.

Our western world is dominated by the use of language that is linear, logical and rational, often creating a sense of right/wrong, and separation. This may be accompanied by the diminishment, denial or dismissal of our heart-brokenness and the feeling side of being human - the ecstasy and the tragedy of life that we numb to, as its is often judged as weak or 'bad'. Yet poetry provides a way through, helping us to reclaim our power through the potency of our language and the word, as well as bringing back connection to the sacred and our part in the wider web of life. Through both the poetry of others, and our own poetic creations, a new doorway opens, a portal that provides access to ancient knowledge and wisdoms that are still very relevant to our modern times.

How do I work with Poetry..?

Combining Poetry, my 'Naked Voice' facilitator skills, coaching and some of the other healing modalities I utilise, I work with individuals in one-to-one sessions to encourage them to realise and release their wholeness. This is often (although not always) through their voice. Sometimes it takes the form of an individual 'allowing in' and 'being with' a specific poem for a while, to then speak it and work with it until its alchemy can come forth.
In groups I facilitate and offer various processes with poetry. Some of these forms involve the whole group participating, whilst others are similar to 1-to-1 sessions where delegates explore the healing medicine a poem offers by taking it to their own heart. All of my work holds the intent to reveal the wholeness and potential of each individual, and the discovery of the 'medicine' of a poem can be a life-changing experience.

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