Through a series of strong spiritual awakenings starting in 1988, and especially in the events of 1999 when I was on the receiving end of a fiery initiation into the feminine, I have been propelled by this mystery. The path has sometimes been directed by my own will, and an impulse to train in many spiritual and healing modalities. Yet now, on reflection, I see a pattern of something much greater than anything I, Jules the person, could have ever imagined or orchestrated. And that has led me to the place I now sit. Sometimes it has been harsh, even seemingly catastrophic, as I was stripped of my old conditionings and patterns, or guided down a new path that took away all once held dear. However, it has also been a journey, when I look back, that almost defies belief with all its synchronicities, magic, healing 'chance' happenings and grace-filled beauty.

In those early years following my first openings and trainings, I offered general spiritual and personal enquiry group work, as well as voice and sound healing workshops. However since 2002 my 'work' has turned more and more specifically to the feminine, as I felt inclined and called to focus my offerings within women's circles. Of course it was because I too needed to remember my own feminine nature, having lived predominantly with a very male, logical and scientific emphasis in my life from my late teens. However over the years that have followed those early circles - sitting under the full Moon by the canal in Bath, or by candle light in West Kennet long barrow or at dusk at Avebury stone circle under the trees - I have been blessed to run more and more women specific workshops and weekend retreats in Wales, where I now live. In the last four years I have been offering my in-depth year-long program called 'Calling Down the Moon', which has led recently to a birthing of it in a new form as 'The Call of Cerridwen'. And in conjunction with all of this I am still blessed with the opportunity to offer ongoing women's circles, and my 3, 4 and 7 day retreats throughout the turning year - all in parallel with my occasional 'Voices of Majesty' days, the rather rarer 3 month program Eve-olve, and other voice and poetry workshops.

2015 and maybe beyond - my work seems to want to continue with its focus predominantly with women... 'why?' is a question I still sometimes ask myself. I certainly feel no one gender is superior, that simply gets us back to the imbalance we have had in the past. It is not to exclude the masculine, we need to embrace both energies to move beyond the paradigm of duality. However within a western culture that diminishes the feminine qualities of creative nurturing, of the emotional and feeling states, of our intuitive wisdoms and the honouring of life, of the body and the cyclical form of feminine nature and of the soulful and poetic feminine 'voice' of heart felt connection, communication and communion, it is generally women who hear the call to this work. So it seems to me that it is women within groups, who are looking to make the shift to remember, release, and realise who they truly are, to then bring the feminine and the sacred spiritual aspects of the feminine back into an honoured place in our own culture and the world. Even those women who have found success within this 'developed' civilisation have often done so at the expense or suppression of their inherent feminine qualities. Some of those women now feel something is missing and wish to reclaim what has been lost.

So, one of the fundamental elements I offer through my work is the creation of spaces where each woman can connect into and remember her own authentic and authoritative self, and her wisdom knowing within. A place of acceptance beyond judgement, yet with discernment. The opportunity to experience being somewhere she is not required to 'be' anything but herself. An opportunity where her own presence, gifts and beauty are welcomed within the diversity of the feminine, and where each voice is heard, seen and witnessed, so all feel enabled and honoured from the place of deep listening. And in the busyness of everyday life the chance to find some quiet time to connect within and establish a peace with and within oneself, whilst in connection with other women. I also facilitate processes where women are encouraged to step into the celebration of themselves, their creativity and life, whatever its shape. And/or they are empowered to transform and to change if something is no longer in alignment. My 'work' is not to tell or teach a specific way or doctrine as THE answer. What I try to identify is a pathway to enable each woman to walk ever towards the revelation and realisation of her own unique self, and the liberation of her own voice of majesty. There is nowhere to go, yet there is work to do to come to this self-realisation and to take self-responsibility for the journey. My intent and vision is to create ceremonial containers within which women feel enabled and empowered to walk their own beauty and wisdom way. And as we each more fully walk a path of beauty so can we enable others, now and for the coming generations...

So in these somewhat crazy times we find ourselves in, it feels even more important than ever that we can gather with other soulfull enquiring women who too wish to explore, discover and live in the fullness of their creative intuitive wild wise selves. The feminine is within all of us, whatever our gender, male or female, and the world is crying out for balance. As any outward change starts within, within each of us, then it is we who must start to rebalance the world by finding that sacred union of the male and female within. Through embracing our own inherent feminine nature and finding that inner harmony, we can more fully step into the world as creative individuals, being a 'voice' for and in the world.

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