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Jules Heavens has been on a conscious journey of self and spiritual enquiry for almost five decades. Over the last thirty years she has also dedicated her time to offering other women opportunities for such explorations of their own. Through creating and offering workshops, programs and retreats, as well as her coaching and mentoring, her writings and teaching, she creates doors, paths and metaphoric magic carpets to journey on…

for you too to discover and reveal your own inner truth, wisdom and knowing.

This website introduces a little of how she works with women, what she currently offers to inform and inspire, and suggests other resources available to support your adventure.

“For too long our spiritual paths have been all about getting somewhere, striving to obtain or achieve some specific and maybe even transcendent state. In this process we may have found it necessary to hide or deny aspects of ourselves as they are deemed bad, wrong, or even sinful.  After many years of pursuing this myself, I eventually came to the realisation that there is nowhere to get to, we are already there. Instead, I now choose a feminine path that invites remembering and reclaiming rather than fragmenting and denial. It’s an adventure, not to get somewhere else, but to travel deeply within: to reveal and discover yourself, your voice, your beauty, your unique heartsong and presence. This feminine pathway is one of embodiment, liberation, transformation and healing as you reclaim your soul-full sovereign self to stand in the wholeness and uniqueness of you ” – Jules

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