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Events programme Autumn/Winter 2022

Online offerings open to women...

Using Zoom video call : easy instructions and link provided. Please email…

For wise wild women remembering..

I am offering a consistent pattern of two online evening circles per month (+ an occasional other master class event or offering and, most months, one afternoon weekend circle). These evening circles are held on the first Monday and Thursday evening of the month, followed by a second circle (different content and format) on a weekend about two weeks later. Please see the specific dates below.

These circles consist of experiential invitations through music, movement, poetry, writing, sharing, singing, enquiry and sound explorations to support you in soul-full discovery. The weekend circles are drop-in (you do need to book however you are not asked to attend them all. The current evening circles have now formed a closed committed ongoing group. All circles intend to build an intimate circle of connection, companionship and conscious community. I also envision other peer-lead groups of interest emerging from this over time.

Please note – These monthly online evening classes for the rest of 2022 are now closed to new participants. A new circle will start in January 2023.

As mentioned above there will be an open standalone weekend workshop on Saturday 17th December, and a series of three online weekend afternoon circles devoted to the liberation, remembering and reclaiming of your sovereign voice through an online program called.. Singing the Bones. Dates for this are as follows..

Dates and Timings are 2-5pm on Saturdays (17th Sept, 22nd Oct, 19th Nov) On Zoom.

Cost for weekend workshops – £20 per single session or £50 for all 3 Singing the Bones series.

Please note – the Singing the Bones last session requires attendance to at least one of the others, however September and October’s can be taken as standalone workshops.

In the Singing the Bones series we explore the sovereign voice and follow a program similar to my in-person Singing the Bones process (see description below for the in person series to get a clue)… so first session will be a poetry dive, second a vocal exploration of naked voice and the third one a ritual space for reclaiming your voice of majesty.

Please note: Women unfamiliar with Jules’ work are asked to arrange a zoom call with Jules before booking so she can explain further the content and details of her work.


Keepers of the Flame Women’s Soul Circles

(online)…open to those in the subscription program

Monday & Thursday evening circles 2022

(7-9/9.15pm) UK time.

Monday 1st
Thursday 4th

Thursday 1st
Monday 5th

Monday 3rd
Thursday 6th

Monday 7th
Thursday 10th

Monday 1st
Thursday 5th


Weekend Open Circle Dates for 2022 
(open to all but needs to be pre-booked)

Saturday 17th December

Physical workshops & retreats in 2022…

Singing the Bones
An in-person series of workshops in July/August/September

To explore, inquire, and liberate your voice, metaphorically and physically through the spoken, written, sounded and sung voice. This is not about singing, nor is it about poetry per se, although these are key elements of the journey. This is about an adventure to heal, align, transform and open into the authentic truth of your being.

Through exploring yourself and your voice through these various forms or doorways, you are supported to embrace increased aliveness, and an awakened knowing of your wholeness.

We will also deepen into silence, and strengthen the inner witness through the use of sound and guided inner processes.

A series of three one-day workshops to form a Singing the Bones program

(The first can be taken individually, or all can be taken as a series).

The venue will be in a beautiful rural space between Carmarthen and Kidwelly. Places will be limited to a max of 8 for the second and third days, to allow adequate time for each person’s process. Saturdays 10.30am – 4pm.

Cost – standard fee £40 per day, with concessionary rates available. (Cost for all three paid upfront is £95, or for two £70).


30th July 2022 – The Alchemy of Poetry
This day will focus in the morning on a poetry dive (see below) and then in the afternoon, an exploration of your written and spoken word and voice.

20th August – The Alchemy of your Sound
August will have an emphasis on the sounding voice and will mainly focus on vocal explorations including an adventure with your ‘Naked Voice’. There will be time for sounding ancient vocal maps, as well as unstructured sounding. Again there will be movement and inner mediation elements too. This day is about the vibrational medicine of your own voice and its ‘music’.

24th September – Remembering and Reclaiming your Voice of Majesty
(please note this day involves some prep and a prerequisite of attendance to one of the other two workshops). September’s workshop will have elements from the first two days as a recap, before an enquiry that leads into a ceremony of remembering and reclaiming your voice.

Notes: In each of the days some of the experiential explorations will be within the circle, and some in pairs or individually. Movement, guided inner ‘meditation’ as well as creative enquiry will also be included. No previous singing or poetry experience is needed.

A Poetry Dive: This is a process handed down and taught by American poet/teacher Kim Rosen, in which you are taken on a journey of inner exploration through the doorway of spoken poetry interwoven with music. After this you are invited into writing, which provides the opportunity to liberate your own inner wisdom and knowing. It is NOT a process to write or analyse poetry. No knowledge of poetry is required.


Samhain 7 day ‘Deep Dive’ retreat
Thursday 27th October – 3rd November 2022

Residential rereat, at The Ceridwen Centre, Carmarthenshire (places limited)

Dates for retreats in 2023..

Going back to my old rhythm of a spring and autumn retreat, please find below the two planned for 2023. These will both be seven night retreats including a three day mysterium.

The spring retreat will have an underlying theme of birth and creativity, the autumn one of death into stillness.

Dates for 2023..

Spring Equinox Retreat : 16th March – 23rd March

Samhain retreat : 25th October – 1st November 2023

For more information about the 2022/23 programme email:

Dates may be subject to change, and it is usually vital you book

*Please note, concessions often available

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