Coaching as Soul Work..

Jules is a qualified Co-Active coach and Stress Management counsellor, a ‘Naked Voice’ facilitator, a ‘Poetry as Medicine’ carrier to list just a few of the many strings on her bow. Combined with her extensive trainings in healing, over forty years of spiritual enquiry, and thirty years of facilitating women’s groups and circles, they all bring a unique and potent presence and perspective to her one-to-one coaching sessions.

Jules draws on guided introspection, embodied explorations, voice, poetry, metaphor and cognitive enquiry, as well as the more traditional coaching methodologies.

As Jules says… “My intent is to provide the platforms and doorways for you to find your own answers and wisdom within. My role is to act as a guide on your path; showing you places, or maps to your inner knowing, and offering supportive keys that open doorways to your own hidden wisdom. I work from the belief that you are already whole, resourceful, and creative. However, I am also aware that we have often forgotten this truth, so I aim to explore ways for you to discover and remember your own answers and path, and to encourage you to keep sensing and following your own inner compass and remembering”.

Why do you stay in prison
When the door is so wide open?
Move outside the tangle of fear thinking
Live in silence
Flow down and down in always
Widening rings of being

….From ‘A community of the spirit’…by Rumi

Process for Coaching..

To begin, I offer a free short taster session for us both to sense into whether my approach and ways of working are appropriate for your needs. If we successfully create this field of enquiry, exploration, discovery and revelation, then any subsequent sessions will typically last an hour. Although I tailor and shape the programme of sessions to suit your journey and intent, I do recommend a package of three or four initial sessions to establish direction and momentum. If we continue beyond this then it will be in response to your ongoing requirements and intent”.

The cost of a standard one hour session is £40, although concessions are available for those on low incomes and/or those who are committed to a longer program.

If interested in booking an individual coaching session, or to find out more, email….

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