Feedback from women who have worked with Jules…

Jules, I would love to tell you how much I appreciate the offerings you have brought us, but I don’t feel words could express my gratitude. How lucky I was to be part of the Zoom Temple sisterhood during lockdown, how hugely it has shaped my life at this time and how many gifts I have received. How fortunate I am to be able to use these gifts to grow, and to continue to journey with you as my guide amidst a container of utmost integrity.”

“You weave your wisdom and learning, your knowledge and insights, and your years of experience into a cauldron of arts and spirituality, inviting us to delve into the heart and soul of our true selves through expression, song and language, communion and sisterhood, with the basis of being truly grounded and embodied throughout. You guide us to see our own beauty and that of others, and to seek the truth of our being and the gifts we each hold sacred within. You encourage us to blossom and share our gifts with the world by helping us to see the light within ourselves and within each other. You hold such a sacred space and lead with absolute integrity, honesty, sincerity and professionalism guiding us to open in trust, courage and awe as we share and witness one another’s journeys.

Truth is my guide and you are a true guide….” (Anna, 2020)

“Golly Gee Jules that was good ! You held it so beautifully; thank you so much, you hold that space and us and it (IT) with such magic and tenderness and love. It was ALMOST as good as being there (of course nothing beats that), and I really think that – I was totally in the mysterium and seeing you there was just so moving and connecting for me; the music is such a huge part and I loved that. Anyway, thank you so much – the medicine works ! You are brilliant and wise and hold the space for others so tenderly….” (Serena, 2020 online event)

“Our work together helped me to gain a greater insight and different perspective on myself, each session I learnt more about myself and Jules encouraged me to reflect and do further self enquiry. Our work supported me to put a shape on what I already felt and knew in my heart about my own direction, but was I previously unable to articulate clearly in words or implement in a plan. Each time I spoke of my ideas and early plans Jules was deeply supportive and unquestioning of my capacity or ability to manifest what was in my heart, this unwavering belief created a safe container where I could fully trust myself. And at the same time the deep and quiet enquiry helped me stretch and grow….”
(JG, 2020 coaching client)

“Jules you feel very organic to me….you are more than capable to meet whatever might arise..ritual and ceremony two words almost synonymous with you..it feels like you can create it so easily where suddenly these simple acts become sacred….I felt beautifully held, you were very much present and available but it was light too…all was welcome and you could go as deep or far (or not) as you wished…there was a lot of air and freedom to explore….” (Jo, 2019)

“My breathwork session with Jules was deeply profound and powerfully transformative. Jules provides a space that is beautifully sacred, safe and at the same time mysterious and open to possibilities…….at the end of the session i felt a huge spaciousness and lightness within myself opening the possibility of living in a new expanded version of who i am….” (Emma, 2017)

“I have been working with Jules for several years, mainly within wonderfully held supportive circles of women exploring their essence and issues. She is an incredibly skilled, intuitive and grounded healer and the person I trust most to hold me through deep, healing work….I felt so completely held, safe and witnessed, I was able to go deeply into my pain, psyche and truth in a manner I’ve not experienced before….” (Josie, 2017)

“The gifts received from the deep retreat with Jules (and her other retreats) are numerous: It has become the highlight of my year, to know I will have that time to explore, deepen, connect and learn more about myself. Jules is very skilled at creating a sacred cauldron, a totally safe container for everyone who comes to her retreats to dive deep, breathe, dance, sound, to remember their soul, their greatness, to integrate all the parts of their being….” (Mia, 2017)

“Jules, words can’t truly express how I feel. But what I do know is that I am immensely grateful to you. It is a privilege to be working with you. These are not empty words but really heart felt truths. You facilitate real change….you offer your skills, guidance, courage, spirit, love and acceptance and so much more…” (Sarah, 2016)

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