About Jules

Jules (Julie) Heavens was born in 1958 in Wiltshire, England where her ancestors have lived for generations. However, when Jules was just three years of age her parents relocated to Malaysia, where the family lived for five years. That early formative period proved to be a strong catalyst for what was to come, as at that time Malaysia represented a mix of many different spiritual traditions and cultures.

The sound of the Buddist temple bells at the end of the road, the colourful ceremonies for Hindu holy days, the Snake Temples, the Tiger Balm gardens, and many other exotic cultural influences all informed Jules of the diverse ways we humans approach our religious practice and spirituality.

Years later, having moved back to the UK, and on a school trip to France in her early teens, Jules bought herself a pack of Tarot cards in Paris. She’d had a strong vision and experience a few days earlier in the historic city of Carcassonne. At seventeen she went to her first yoga class, discovered meditation, and shortly afterward went to an introductory metaphysics evening class. However, although these were keys to future adventures, it was a relatively conventional career in Nuclear Medicine (a branch of Radiology) that remained her focus for many years. It was in this hospital work that she became fascinated by what ‘dis-ease’ is and the role of emotional, psychological, and spiritual states in physical well being. This eventually took Jules back to Asia where her curiosity deepened, and where her own ill health led her to further investigate Asian approaches to healing. This not only likely saved her life, it inspired her to train in and practice Shiatsu and Reiki. In the years following, Jules explored many other healing modalities and attended a variety of spiritual retreats: leading to many beautiful chance encounters, and opportunities to work with several amazing teachers (to whom she is eternally grateful, and some of whom are listed on the resources page).

By the mid 1990’s Jules had started to pass on some of what she had learned to groups and individual students, all the while continuing her own explorations and adventures: falling in love on a holistic training in Greece, living in an ashram in India for six months, and moving to France for several years to help set up a retreat centre.

But Jules’ fiery feminine encounter with illness and the ‘dark Mother’ had sparked a realisation that her own inner masculine and feminine were out of balance: as of course they are in western culture in general. She began to sense what needed to be changed to prevent these imbalances completely destroying the well being of our living world.

So, leaving her medical career, and returning to the UK, she co-founded a company, ‘Sages and Wise Women,’ which aimed to promote a more holistic approach in the mainstream world of work. This forward-thinking company successfully persuaded several established large corporate organisations to begin operating in a more co-creative and life enhancing way for their employees: while at the same time continuing to develop, grow, and indeed thrive as businesses.

Eventually though, after deepening into her own spiritual practices and experiencing several ‘awakenings’, Jules decided to leave the organisational world behind, and to devote her time and skills to developing a truly feminine path of spiritual enquiry for women. This has been her mission ever since: weaving it with her many other creative passions of poetry, voice, writing, sacred sound and ritual, and putting to good use all that she has trained in and gleaned from her wide ranging experience. Since the turn of the millennium Jules has initiated and facilitated countless women’s circles, led dozens of retreats and programs, and co-created the ‘Keepers of the Flame’ wisdom school for women (more on that wisdom school here).

Jules met her Welsh partner Howi in 2004, and now lives in Wales, feeling that land to be a place of homecoming on many levels. Howi is an artist, musician and astrologer and like Jules, a ‘converted’ scientist. Occasionally they combine their creative passions, in particular weaving their musical talents together for ‘Sound of Spirit’ offerings: featuring Jules playing her beloved gongs and Tibetan bowls, and Howi his flutes and guitars in soundscape ceremonies of music, meditation, poetry and ritual for groups.

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