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The Keepers of the Flame

For thousands of years, especially within our European cultures, religions have generally enforced a masculine approach to any spiritual path. They have demonised the human body, judged the emotions, ignored the natural cycles of life, and generally suppressed our inherent life force, humanness and beauty of being. Instead the directed focus has been on achieving ‘redemption’: striving to leave behind the ‘sin’ of being here in a body, and idealising afterlife as the template for how we should live, denying our embodied wholeness in the process.

A feminine approach would remember that we are complete: there is nowhere to get to. And in that acceptance and self-realisation the doorways open to allow the knowing of our own inner sacred, divine essence and wisdom consciousness within. Here now in the body, being all we are is enough. We are enough. There is a journey of course, and its purpose is to remove layers that obscure this knowing, that create a forgetting. Yet that is where we are.

“…this was a big realisation for me when it was spoken to me by a teacher, and I truly heard it. Now that gift given to me, I in turn pass on to others… It was from these awarenesses that ‘Keepers of the Flame’ was born…(and remember, I may have been burned at the stake for even saying this a few hundred years ago).” – Jules

The Herstory…

“One day, thirteen or so years ago, a friend/peer/co-facilitator and myself sat in a South Wales café eating chips(!) and inspiring each other with our passions about consciousness, the divine feminine, and the spiritual path from a feminine perspective…

I was already committed at that stage to bringing a more feminine approach to spiritual enquiry, and to finding new (old) ways that do not diminish the feminine: welcoming embodiment and wholeness back into the temple. It was from that conversation that Keepers of the Flame birthed and evolved. From there we (myself and Teresa Sherlock) went on to offer workshops together for many years, which I continued to develop when Teresa retired from facilitation (and into her work as an artist).”

What it is now

So now ‘Keepers of the Flame’ is the umbrella title given to the collective offerings from myself and aligned others who walk a path of sacred feminine enquiry that is firmly dedicated to the remembering, reclaiming and realisation of wholeness.

Since the onset of the covid pandemic the work has gone online, and for the most part it has been my own facilitation of circles, programs and online retreats that the wisdom school has offered. However, I vision that from 2022 onwards, not only will many of my own events again be ‘face to face’, I also plan to have several other sister teachers and facilitators more fully step in to provide a wide and varied body of work, some online, some in person.

The Future

Also, towards the end of 2021 and onwards I aim to help and support many more women to step into their own forms and ways of soulful facilitation. In the past I did this through a program called ‘The Cauldron and Rose’, however the pandemic has interrupted that program for the time being. Instead at present I am offering one-to-one mentoring/supervision for those women running groups who already work with me, and for those who are apprenticing with or assisting me. In the coming months (probably early summer) I plan to offer a ‘mentoring circle’ so that the richness and variety of this learning can be shared more widely. Please contact me if this kind of tuition is of interest.” – Jules

Wisdom School offerings…

‘Soul Sister Circles’ (currently online)

Longer programs of enquiry such as ‘Spirals of Brigid’ & ‘Call of Cerridwen’.

Residential retreats – ‘Singing the Bones’ (3 days), ‘Spring Forward’ (5 days) and the ever popular autumn ‘Deep Dive’ retreats (7 days, including a 3 day mysterium).

Ceremonial gatherings for the Turning of the Year (Fire Festivals & Solstices)

(Please refer to the events page for the latest information)

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